Starting the RV adventure

My husband; Michael had the “bug” to have an RV. Being the computer guy he is. He shopped online for our RV.

We have been campers for 40 years. Tents at first, then we moved up to a tent trailer when our boys were in elementary school. Then back to tents, as they grew older. When we became grandparents, we rented trailers. The trailers would be brought to our campsites and be set up for us. We just had to move in.  We rented an RV and liked the size and that we were able to pack it up in front of our house and unpack it, in front of our house. So, we thought we had some experience with what we wanted.

We believed that we knew the exact model and features we wanted. It seemed that a lot of other folks wanted the same one because we had a tough time finding a previously owned one. Finally, Michael found one out-of-state. Utah to be exact. The pictures showed an almost unused Via. So, Michael researched what you are able to, utilizing the VIN-number. We put down a deposit and made a date to pick it up. December 27th we’re off to pick up, our new to us, Via.

Our first adventure in our Via was to drive it back to Southern California from Salt Lake City, Utah. It was cold in Utah and there was some snow on the ground. We left the dealership in high sprites looking for our first KOA stay. Wow! To say we were lucky with where we chose to camp on our first night is not adequate. There was a wonderful man assigned to assist us at the KOA. We had no supplies for the RV, it’s self. The store at the KOA had so much of what we needed. A heated hose and water gage for our drinking water, for the hookup. We needed a waste hose for the dump hook up. We were level at this particular site, so we didn’t learn about leveling tools at this stop.

We were on the road, cautiously presiding on our adventure. We traveled through Utah, enjoying the beauty the state has to offer. Then onto the colorful state of Arizona, experiencing the age-old allure of the sights.  Then home.

Through the ten days on the road we took getting home, we adjusted to the handling and sounds of our RV. It was good to be home. We had lots of laundries. There were items to unload and other items we need to pack for our next adventure.