Another Adventure, Folsom

Here we are on another adventure. We have become two Boomers and a Poodle at this point. Our rescue is a miniature apricot poodle, whom we have named Hennessey. He is new to us and we are new to him. All three of us are finding our way in this new family dynamic. Hennessey was about six years old. when he joined our family. He was a great traveler right from the start. He calms my soul and mind. My husband and I understand why so many RVrs have their dogs traveling with them.

This trip took us to a campground we have not been to before. It is Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area in Folsom, CA. This is one of those times that our GPS got us to the neighborhood. We went to the wrong park, which was not for RVs. We scrapped our RV on low hanging branches. We finally found our way to the correct park. We were such newbies at the time. We used our RV’s GPS and our google maps but still struggled to find our way. We are learning that the RV’s GPS knows we are an RV and keeps that in mind when telling us how to travel. I find it very nerve racking when our RV’s GPS is telling us we weigh too much for the road we are on or that it will be too narrow. RVing is to be relaxing not causing anxiety. Since we now use the mindset that between our three GPS ( Yes, I do mean three. His google maps, my google maps, and our RVs Rand McNally)  Sometimes they all agree about how we should get there and other times not so much. We now know, that if the info is too far off we need to revisit the information we gave the GPSs. Because, we all know that sometimes it is, user error.

This campground; Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area in Folsom, CA was very clean. Our campsite was level, it is a disabled site. There are disabled restrooms as well as regular restrooms. We found no graffiti in the park. The park offers a lot of shade. There is poison oak. We were told that when it is hot out there are rattlesnakes. Friendly staff as well as campers. We could hear frogs and crickets singing all evening and into the night. Nice place to walk Hennessey. The loop is a pleasant walk. We would visit here again, just not when it’s hot, rattlesnakes are not my thing.

empty campsite across from our site